Sermon for 2d Sunday of Advent – Season of Generosity

Publié le 26 février 2015

Two Sundays ago we were reminded of what it meant to be Christ-like, which meant visiting prisoners, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick (Matt 25). Last Sunday was the first Sunday of advent, introducing us to the time in between the first coming of Christ and waiting for his return (Mark 13). In the Corinthian text we were told that we are rich in knowledge, understanding, and speech as well as being enriched with spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 1:3-9). Putting all of these together we get something like this : Christ came a first time, he redeems me, gives me new birth, and blesses me with and by the Holy Spirit of God and by other spiritual gifts to become more and more like him in my character and in my service, as I wait for his return.

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