Role of the Youth Department

Published on 20 May 2015

Through the different parish youth groups, the youth department of the PCM has the mission of empowering the youth of the Presbyterian parishes of Mauritius (parishes of Phoenix, Rose-Hill, Port-Louis, Pointe aux Piments, Grand Gaube and the Malagasy Chaplaincy ). The main office of the youth department is with the secretariat of the PCM.

Moto du groupe.

The youth department has at heart to take care of the needs of young people as far as possible, to encourage initiatives of Christian reflection and action as well as to empower of them and enhance their ability to live in community. The youth department works in so far with young people both individually and in groups. The department works according to the frameworks set by the Synode.


  • * The harmonious personal development of young people on spiritual, intellectual and physical levels.
  • * Encourage the youth to take responsibility.
  • * Provide adequate space for coordination between the children’s department and the youth department.
  • * Offer various activities (spiritual, recreational, sports, themed, ...) and training that meet different needs and thus reach a maximum of young people.
  • * Raise awareness and inform young people of the various social and humanitarian actions of the church.
  • * Maintain relations with the various international partners of the PCM, eg CEVAA, DM-Échange et Mission etc. and with the youth departments of other churches in Mauritius.

Its structure

The youth department of the PCM is under the aegis of the parish councils, themselves represented by the Presbyterial Committee.

The Presbyterial Committee hires a team of professionals made up of a youth chaplain and a coordinator.

The youth department of the PCM is made up of four areas:

  • * Coordination and secretariat
  • * Treasury and communication
  • * Training
  • * Activities

Its members

The youth department of PCM is ideally made up of the youth leaders from each parish and a national coordinator. The members are at least 17 years old, are members and active in a parish of PCM and available for activities / meetings of the department. They have a passion for God and for youth.

The members of the department work in teams, in collaboration with all the parishes of PCM. They support the youth activities of PCM at parish and national levels. They are called upon to participate in quarterly meetings, as well as in department activities. They sign up for a 2-year term.