Act together

Published on 14 March 2012

Faithful to the direction laid down by its founder Jean Le Brun, the Presbyterian Church has always focused on empowerment and support actions for vulnerable or marginalized people in society.

The Social Department has been mandated by the Synod Council since 1983 to coordinate the social activities of the Church. It is affiliated with MACOSS under the name of Presbyterian Welfare Service.

This department is responsible among other things for:

Dorcas activities: for people in the north who are in need

Bienvenue Kindergarten in Pointe aux Piments

It also brings together and supports the social activities of the different parishes. For example :

5 Pains et 2 Poissons

In the past, he has been active in school support programs, a Book Loan Scheme, literacy classes and various Income Generating Projects

Thanks to the help of many donors, its mission for tomorrow is to work so that children, young people and adults can live happier lives through education, prevention of addictions, support for families, strengthening self-esteem and others ...