Act together

Published on 14 March 2012

Faithful to the direction laid down by its founder Jean Le Brun, the Presbyterian Church has always focused on empowerment and support actions for vulnerable or marginalized people in society. (…)

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Deduction for donations to charitable institutions

Published on 10 May 2024

The government, through the Mauritius Revenue Authority, allows all taxpayers to deduct from their tax form any donation to charitable institutions up to a maximum of Rs 50,000 for the financial (…)

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Saint-Columba - “Ansam Avek Zezi” feeding the homeless

Published on 2 August 2023

Last Saturday, the “Ansam Avek Zezi“group embarked on a truly remarkable experience as they dedicated their time and energy to the”5 pains et 2 poissons” mission of St Jean parish in Port-Louis. (…)

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Published on 25 September 2017

Le Presbyterian Welfare Service (PWS) remercie toutes les paroisses qui ont participé à sa levée de fonds ‘Corbeille Ménagère’ au cours des dernières semaines. Le tirage fait par le comité PWS le (…)

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