Children’s department

Published on 4 March 2020

The Children’s Department supports parents in the spiritual education of their children through Bible teachings and other varied activities. It brings together the very young (from 3 to 6 years old), the middle (from 7 to 9 years old) and the bigger ones (from 10 to 12 years old) and sometimes adolescents until confirmation and admission to the Lord’s Supper ( 13 to 15 years old). The goal is to allow children to experience God, to meet Jesus Christ, to make them discover that they are loved by Jesus and helped by the Spirit as they are.

The monitors meet monthly to pray to God especially for the children, for the preparation of catechism lessons and the activities offered during the holidays according to the liturgical calendar and / or the organization of activities during the school holidays: participation in worship, outings, camp or Christmas party ... They discover a lot by doing catechesis. What they live with the children reflects on their whole life, on their way of expressing themselves, on their faith. It is a personal and spiritual experience.

Age-appropriate participation in worship gives them the chance to live in a community based on values ​​of sharing and mutual aid. This helps them to express themselves through song, drawing, mime from a biblical scene, making a panel, reading a text…

The role of the parents is to attend the parents’ meetings organized by the parish which aim to present the activities of the catechism, and also to take stock of what the children have experienced. They are also invited to come to the celebrations in which their children participate.