Children’s department

Published on 4 March 2020

The Children’s Department supports parents in the spiritual education of their children through Bible teachings and other varied activities. It brings together the very young (from 3 to 6 years (…)

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2024 Saint Jean Celebration

Published on 8 June 2024

It is with great pleasure that the Children’s Department invites the entire Presbyterian community to celebrate the Saint Jean Celebration on Sunday 30 June at 10 am at St Jean, Port-Louis. This (…)

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Saint-Columba - St Columba Children’s Ministry

Published on 25 March 2024

Our educational goal is to help children become healthy Christians who love Jesus and follow His life. As of early 2024, 23 children attend the Sunday school. The children take part in our (…)

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Journée Mondiale de l’Enfance, 20 novembre 2023

Published on 30 November 2023

Le lundi 20 novembre 2023 dans le cadre de la Journée Mondiale de l’Enfance, le Département Enfance a organisé une journée sportive et récréative au stade Germain Commarmond de 9h à 14h, journée (…)

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