World Children’s Day, 20 November 2023

Published on 30 November 2023

On Monday, November 20th 2023, as part of World Children’s Day, the Children’s Department organized a sports and recreational day at the Germain Commarmond stadium from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., a blessed day under the gaze of God, with the presence of some parents.

The children spent a wonderful day in a good atmosphere, in prayer, various games, with sharing of medals, sweets and friendships.

The day began with a children’s walk along with the hymn “We walk in the light of God”, followed by a welcoming word from the president, Assistant Pastor Ginette Dennemont, and then by prayer by the instructor Ms Sindhy Lecoq.

The children were able to play different games: running, relay, football, playing with hoops, walking with a potato in a spoon and putting on t-shirts. Subsequently, badges and medals made with the help of a few children were distributed. Each child was given a certificate of participation.


The instructors were satisfied with the day. The children, especially the toddlers, were very happy to be at a stadium. The parents present suggested redoing this type of initiative, and including the Youth Department, to help make the connection for children transitioning to youth. The children interviewed were happy and asked to organize recreational outings more often.