Synod 2024: highlights

Published on 11 April 2024

The Synod Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Mauritius was held on Saturday 6 April at St Jean Church.

Illustrative photo
Photo credit: Mikael Kristenson

The following are the main decisions arising from this meeting:

  • Mr Eddy Rocves was reappointed as Moderator for the 3rd consecutive year.

Posting of pastors

  • astor Nicole Armand will be responsible for the parishes of St-Jean (Port-Louis) and St-Pierre (Pointe-aux-Piments). She will be assisted by assistant pastors Claude Martial and Chantal Sissace respectively.
  • Pastor France Cangy is responsible for the parish of St-Joseph (Grand Gaube).
  • Pastor Maurice Davantin remains in charge of the parish of St-André (Rose-Hill). He will be assisted by Assistant Pastors Ginette and Jocelyn Dennemont.
  • An interim committee will lead the English-speaking parish of St Columba (following the withdrawal of Pastor Rodney Curpanen). The committee is made up of pastors Inkyu Choi, David White and Mr Bernard Yen.
  • Pastor Jean Ernest Koera is responsible for the Malagasy Chaplaincy.

The following motions were also adopted:

  • The PCM strategic plan (2024-2028) will be made official soon.
  • The creation of a Presbyterian property development and management company.
  • The sale of Church land in Grand Gaube.
  • The sale of land (and a house) belonging to the Church, located on Hitchcock St in Quatre Bornes.