Spiritual warfare and victory in Jesus

Carême - Lent 2022

Published on 7 April 2022

We invite you, on the occasion of Lent 2022, on a 7 week-journey of biblical meditations until Easter to discover or rediscover the foundations of our ministry of spiritual care. This week we invite you to continue to look at Jesus who delivers from suffering!

May God’s grace be with you in the Name of Jesus and may the Holy Spirit accompany you as you read this message.

Let me tell you a story: Jonathan was a Christian accountant in a big firm, there were three of them in the accounting department, and his colleagues offered him to take part into a big deal and use the company’s funds. It was then that Scripture in Exodus 20:15 came to Jonathan’s mind:’’You shall not steal’’and he wisely refused the offer of his colleagues, saying, “I am a Christian, I cannot do that.” When Jonathan refused to participate in this “deal” with his colleagues, they no longer considered him as their own, they excluded him. Mockery, insults, inappropriate words were thrown against him: “here is the good Christian”. Jonathan felt humiliated, rejected by his colleagues, deep down, he suffered a physical but also spiritual fight but he knew that he did what he had to do: “the right choice”. To fight this good fight he would pray relentlessly and hand over to the Lord his daily struggle. He faced trials, tears, despair, doubts... After a few months, the head of the company discovered the crime of his colleagues and they were dismissed immediately, while Jonathan was congratulated and promoted as chief accountant. The Lord was faithful to His words with Jonathan. ’’You have been faithful in a few things. I will put you in charge of many thing.’’says Matthew 25v21b

There are two lessons we can learn from Jonathan’s story:

1. The life of the righteous is a constant spiritual battle.’’The godly face many danger’’ says the verse of the day. When we walk in the truth, we follow in Christ’s footsteps and are his witnesses. As a result, we have many enemies because the world cannot stand the truth. So one can suffer many things like those announced in the Bible. Fortunately, as Christians we have experienced that only a deep relationship with our Lord Jesus can saves us. In the face of our struggles, Jesus watches over each of us

2. Victory and protection are in Jesus.
Even if we are in a tough fight, even if the world turns its back on us, even if we lose hope, let us trust in Jesus who is still there. According to our psalm today: ’’He keeps all his bones, none of them are broken’’ (Psalm 34v20). The Lord is faithful in His words, He gives us His protection in our struggles as in Jonathan’s story. At the same time, it is in Jesus that victory will be granted to us because it is He who has already conquered even death.

This meditation is for all those who are struggling today, do not be afraid, in Jesus we will have protection but also victory.

Lord, we place in Your hands our struggles, the struggles of our loved ones, our brothers and sisters in Christ, for it is in You that we will have the protection and assurance of a victory. Amen