Carême - Lent | 2020

Published on 25 March 2020

LENT 2020 – Called to a life that pleases GodRetour ligne automatique
As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are all called to a life that pleases God. Let us learn to discover His will as much in our choices, our characters as in our service, our passions, our work and our dreams. Each week, through these mediations, let us also take the decision to put the Word into practice by coming with concrete action(s) for our lives. This time of Lent, let us walk together to enter into God’s plan of love.

Called to New Creation in Christ

Week 4

This week let us read John 9:1-41.

There are times when believers or those who call themselves Christians, or those who have been baptized, find it hard to answer the question ‘where the Lord Jesus is in their lives.’ They may answer, “I do not know” (verse 21). This can happen to any of us at different seasons of our lives.

Today many are struggling with “we do not know” with the scare of Covid-19. Some “see” community solidarity and assistance, some “see” evil, some “see” economic distress, some “see” God’s punishment, some “see” scientists and experts as the only solution, some “see” love and care.

John wishes to encourage his readers to “see” and “believe” in the Lord’s new world, new community, new behaviours, new values, new relationships with God and neighbours.

The narrative of last week (the woman at the well) and today’s story of the blind man are about judgment, condemnation, stereotypes, blaming others, division (Them v/s Us), and expulsion. Jesus has another perspective, one of invitation and inclusion, of grace and reconciliation.

In both stories Jesus meets the victims in the place they are at in their lives and moves them into the Lord’s new community (Kingdom of God). They are both not “seen” by others, victims of prejudices, blamed for sin, and for different religious opinion. Both of them do not seek Jesus. He goes to them.

At the start of the narrative the blind man is cast out because he does not see the world, later he is cast out for seeing what is wrong with the world. At that stage he chooses to join the One who is also rejected and cast out. He has experienced the power of new creation from the hands of the Creator.

“He put mud on my eyes, I washed, and now I see.” (verse 15)

In a few weeks we will also stand before a cross and look at the One who was cast out. And yet He is also the One who comes to meet you at whatever place you are at in your life.

Lent is an opportunity for us to work with the Lord to create a new community of faith. It is a time to make our earth like His Heaven.

Personal action

This week I will take time to understand others (children, youth, adults, old people, strangers, of other faiths or of none), show respect, share words of hope, and take away their fears in this scare of Covid-19.


“May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10b. Abba, Father, May your will be done in my life as it is in heaven. Help me to see you in all circumstances and to follow your will faithfully. Thank you for always coming to meet me and spending time with me. Amen.

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