Carême - Lent | 2020

Vendredi Saint

Published on 10 April 2020

Called to understand the passion of Jesus

Scene 1: Jesus is nailed to a cross
Let us read Mark 15, 21-32

They didn’t understand anything. They, are the chief priests, the elders, the masters of the law, the Superior Council. However, they know the Holy Scriptures. But still, they wanted the death of Jesus.

They, are also the political authorities; with Pilate and his soldiers. Pilate’s ignorance leads him to give in under pressure, and to make decisions to please the religious authorities and the crowd.

The soldiers’ ignorance leads them to mock Jesus, strike Him, spit on Him and nail Him to the cross.

They, are also the crowd and passers-by. The crowd, influenced by the chief priests, asks Pilate to crucify Jesus. She prefers Barabbas, an assassin, to the one who comes to save the world from sin.

Passersby by their side insulted Jesus.

They, are also the disciples who abandoned Jesus and fled.

The misunderstanding of both will end in the crucifixion of Jesus.

Result: Jesus is crucified.

Let us pray

Father, we too, even if we know your Word, we sometimes do not understand. By our gestures and our words, we show our incomprehension and we continue to crucify Jesus instead of raising Him; glorify Him.
Come to our aid Lord. Come and strengthen our faith.

The death of Jesu
Let us read Mark 15, 33-41

In broad daylight at noon the whole country was in darkness until three o’clock. Jesus is on the cross. He spends the darkest hours of His life. He feels lonely and goes so far as to say, “Eli Eli, Lema Sabachthani? That is,”My God, my God, why did you forsake me? After which, He lets out a loud cry and gives His last breath.

For the disciples, this is really the end. There is no return. The One in whom they had put their trust is no longer. On the other hand, His enemies are surely rejoicing. They don’t realize they’re in total darkness. They look and they don’t see; they listen and they don’t hear.

While everyone, including the women present was in the dark, and not understanding what was going on, the Roman officer present at the death of Jesus confessed “This man was truly the Son of God”. This is a sign that Jesus can reveal Himself to those who want to see and hear, even if He is on the cross.

In what darkness are we today? What is stopping us from understanding the message of the cross? In this time of Easter, our concerns with the Covid-19 for example should not obstruct the message of Christ.

Let us pray

Father, on this Good Friday when we celebrate the death of your Son, we want to remember.

Appelé(e) à comprendre la passion de Jésus