Carême - Lent | 2020

Published on 1 April 2020

LENT 2020 – Called to a life that pleases God

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are all called to a life that pleases God. Let us learn to discover His will as much in our choices, our characters as in our service, our passions, our work and our dreams. Each week, through these mediations, let us also take the decision to put the Word into practice by coming with concrete action(s) for our lives. This time of Lent, let us walk together to enter into God’s plan of love.

Called to welcome the King

Week 6

This week, let us read Matthew 21:1-11

It is almost two weeks now since we are facing an unprecedented situation at least in the modern era. Our lives have slowed down for those of us in confinement or have accelerated for those of us engaged in essential services. We have to review our habits including hygiene, food, work, family cohabitation, travel and so many others.

And we have just learned that this situation will last for at least another two weeks. We are not sure what tomorrow will be like. Some of us are questioning our future: employment, studies, supplies, health...

Jesus approaching Jerusalem also knew that he was heading for a dark period of his earthly life... his arrest and death on a cross. Yet he was determined to go to Jerusalem and face this period with courage because he knew he was not alone... his Father was with him... and his death would not be in vain.

Jesus thus gave important instructions for his mission to two disciples. And the disciples went and ’did as Jesus had instructed them’ even if they too knew that hard times in Jerusalem were looming though not fully grasping what was about to happen (see Mt 20: 17-19).

As for the crowds, they welcomed Jesus like a King... even if he came in all simplicity and humility, riding on a donkey. The crowds sang the glory of the Son of David and recognized that he was coming in the name of the Lord, that he was the messenger of God. People shouted “Hosanna” to praise and greet Jesus.

Faced with uncertainty before us in this time of confinement, we can adopt the good attitudes that we find in this text. Like Jesus, let us be determined and encouraged to face adversity because our Father in heaven knows what we need (Mt 6: 32-34). Let us obey the instructions, the commandments that Jesus gives us through his Word, seeking his will and choosing to trust him.

Above all, today is the time when we can welcome Jesus as the King of our lives, declaring with faith that he reigns in our hearts, in our homes, in our situations. Let us shout “Hosanna” to give glory to Jesus and also shout “Save!” (Ps 118: 25) to acknowledge that we need him at all times.

However, in the face of possible challenges to come, we have to remain firm in our faith, shining like children of the Father. We should not be easily swayed or destabilized like the crowds in the time of Jesus... to the point of forgetting that the Savior came to us. Our great King is the resurrection and the life. Let us welcome him without delay!

Personal action

This week I look at what areas in my life are not subject to the reign of Jesus, I ask for his forgiveness for those areas and I surrender myself, and my family, entirely to him.


“your kingdom come” Matt 6:10. Abba Father, in these times of trial may your kingdom come in my life. Come and reign. I give you absolute control. Be the one who directs my thoughts, my words and my actions so that everything reflects your glory. I choose to love you Lord with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my mind, and to love my neighbor as myself. Amen.

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