Our team

Published on 24 April 2020

The presbyterial committee of the Presbyterian Church of Mauritius is currently chaired by Ps. Maurice Davantin and a team composed of pastors and members of the various parishes.


Chair: Ps. Maurice Davantin
Vice President: Jocelyn Dennemont
Treasurer: Claude Martial
Vice-Treasurer: Ms. Gina Yen
Secretary: Mr Julien Tessier
Deputy Secretary: Dorise Curpanen


Ps France Cangy, (Moderator)
Ps Tovo Ramanantsoa,
Ps David White,
Ps Rodney Curpanen,
Ps Nicole Armand,
Asst. Ps Jocelyn Simon
M. Pascal Rakoto-Ramanantsalama,
M. Jean Alain Moussié,
M. Nikoss David,
M Herizo Rajoelina,
Mme Chantal Sissace.