Our team

Published on 24 April 2020

The presbyterial committee of the Presbyterian Church of Mauritius is currently chaired by Ps. Maurice Davantin and a team composed of pastors and members of the various parishes.


Executive Committee
President: Ps. Maurice Davantin
Vice President : Asst Ps Jocelyn Dennemont
Treasurer: Asst Ps Claude Martial
Asst treasurer: Ms. Gina Yen
Secretary: Ps Natacha Noyan
Asst secretary: Ms Dorise Curpanen


Moderator: Mr Eddy Rocves
Ps France Cangy
Ps David White
Ps Rodney Curpanen
Ps Nicole Armand
Ps Jocelyn Simon
Ps Inkyu Choi
Asst. Ps Chantal Sissace
Mr. Axel Cangy
Mr. Nikoss David
Ms. Dorise Curpen
Mr. Innocent Miada
Mr. Dougas Nelson