Our History

Published on 24 April 2020

The Presbyterian Church in Mauritius has its origins in the missionary work begun in Mauritius in 1814 and from the work of the Church of Scotland among the Scots on the island, launched in the 1840s. She is a member of the world’s largest family of Presbyterian and Reformed churches.

With the arrival of the Scots, the Reverend Jean Lebrun conceded that it was not a good thing to have two Reformation churches in the country. As a result, the two churches, the independent Church founded by Pastor Jean Le Brun and The Church of Scotland, merged in 1876. In 1979, a few years after Mauritius’ independence, The Church of Scotland in Mauritius became the Presbyterian Church of Mauritius (PCM).

The mission of the Church is that through the grace of God and a sustained commitment, the PCM stands up, grows, flourishes, shines, experiences a Life that attracts and has an impact within and around itself.

The PCM has a democratic governance structure that makes it unique. It gives an important place to women and young people. Plurilingual; Creole, French, English, Malagasy, it has been offering pastoral care to the Malagasy for years and it touches all social strata. The PCM wants to be a living Church.

Throughout history, the PCM has played a key role among other churches in participating in various major advances:

  • women’s ministry,
  • social commitment,
  • Bible courses,
  • translation of the Bible into Creole,
  • inter-religious dialogue,
  • ecumenical charter.