Our Church

Published on 24 April 2020

By the grace of God and a sustained commitment, the vision of the Presbyterian Church of Mauritius (PCM) is to stand up, grow, flourish, shine, experience a Life that attracts and has an impact within and around ’she.

The mission of the Church is thus to:

  • make disciples where parishioners gain access to a life of personal and community faith which is alive and engaged in the celebration of worship, Church life and mission.
  • encourage each parishioner to share his faith. The parishioners therefore testify to their specific way of being Christians. They join and make themselves accessible to different categories of external people to accompany and testify, to introduce them to the Faith and to join the PCM.
  • cultivate the identity of the Church while leaving its openness to others. The parishioners are therefore invited to take a reinforced awareness of their Presbyterian identity and their history. They will be able to show their sense of belonging.
  • strengthen, recognise and value the quality of ministries within the Church. The skills of officials, leaders, alumni and ministers are reinforced by training and support activities, with a view to continuing education
  • assume the functions of management and communication with competence and efficiency

As a Church our goal is to do the will of God. As Christ Jesus works in and through us to accomplish our mission and pursue our vision, we expect to see results in:

  • Development and diversification of ministries
  • The care of our relationships
  • By living the richness of the diversity of the Children of God
  • The inclusion of the Church of today and tomorrow
  • The accomplishment of our vision
  • The exploration of new pastoral and mission ideas