Are you a new comer?

Published on 24 April 2020

Welcome to the site of the Presbyterian Church in Mauritius. It is a pleasure for us to welcome you into our family that has existed in Mauritius for more than 150 years, where you can hopefully grow in your relationship with God.

The mission of the Church is that, through the Grace of God and a sustained commitment, the Presbyterian Church of Mauritius may stand up, grow, flourish, shine, experience a Life that attracts and has an impact within and around itself. We hope that we will be able as a member of the body of Christ to equip you with the necessary tools in your journey with God so that you may live for His glory and be a blessing to others.

On Sundays you will see some who dress up in casual outfits and others more ’classy’. So come as you are, “Man looks at what strikes the eyes, but the Lord looks to the heart,” 1 Samuel 16.7d.

What’s the typical Sunday program?

For my children
The Sunday school brings together children aged 5 to 15 during the worship, dependent on the parish.

For adults
For adults, in addition to worship, you can join a cell group, one of our groups targeting a specific demographic, such as seniors or ladies.

You want to put your talents at the service of God?
Contact our pastors who will liaise with the various groups in the parish.