Supporting Saint-Columba

Published on 12 June 2023

Thank you for considering making a donation to our church community. Your contribution plays an essential role in helping us continue our mission of spreading love, faith, and positive change in the lives of individuals and families. With your support, we can continue to create a welcoming and nurturing environment where everyone can grow spiritually and find a sense of belonging.

You can also support us by renting Karibu, our community centre, for your events, as proceeds go towards the mission of the church.

More info on Karibu →

Donation box

Types of Donation

Single Donations: Make a one-time contribution to support our church’s initiatives. Whether you’re attending a service, visiting our website, or joining a community event, your single donation makes an immediate impact.

Recurring Donations: Consider setting up a recurring donation by a standing order to provide consistent support throughout the year. This option allows you to make a lasting impact on our church’s mission, contributing to ongoing projects and activities.

Ways to Donate

Local Bank Transfer: You can contribute through one of our accounts, set up under the name “St Columba Kirk Session” at the Mauritius Commercial Bank:

  • General offering: 000410900699
  • Karibu Café: 000412904152
  • St Columba North: 000412913402

International Bank Transfer : You can contribute by making a transfer to the following account, ideally by telling your bank you pay any bank charges relating to your transfer:

Account name: St Columba’s Kirk Session
IBAN: MU24MCBL0941000000900699000MUR
Bank: Mauritius Commercial Bank

In-Person Contributions: Join us for our worship services and drop your donation during the offering time. This also provides an opportunity to connect with fellow members and experience the sense of community firsthand.