Saint-Columba, an international church in Mauritius

Published on 21 July 2023

People holding hands
Photo credit: Wylly Suhendra

Most of us come from different countries around the world, including Mauritius. Some of us are on temporary assignments in Mauritius, some have settled more or less permanently here and many are Mauritian citizens.

We are of different races, cultures and languages, and come from different Christian denominations including Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, etc.

No matter how different we are, we are united in our love for Christ and for each other. It’s a church of friends for life. Many of our former members are now back in their own country or are still globetrotting. However, they continue to stay in touch and often tele-participate in the life of our community.

Whether you are an existing member of our church or a visitor, we welcome you with the heart of God. We invite you to seize this exciting opportunity to grow and serve with us.

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