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Pasteur Rodney

Dernier ajout : 26 février 2015.

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  • Born to Make Us New

    26 février 2015

    We kicked off this Season of Generosity by the first words and first sentences being about Christmas. So it is proper to end this series on Christmas day. We started by establishing that God is at heart generous. Just like Scripture says “God is love”, we could for the sake of our series say “God is generosity”. It is his very being. We are created in God’s image so we are generous at the root of our being. Generosity is not limited to gestures of giving money or some material good, but a spirit (...)

  • Setting Priorities

    26 février 2015

    Setting priorities is an elementary management process, which probably all of us here apply in our life. You may be a housewife, a student, a doctor, an office manager you all have to set priorities in your daily life. What does setting priorities mean and why do we have to do it ?
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  • Building Relationships Generously

    26 février 2015

    Last week the sermon ended with reference to the crucifixion of Christ. The Lord on the cross pleaded for the forgiveness of those who were crucifying him. The theme was generosity in ministry and mission. We looked at how we need to give ourselves away generously in ministry. Our very being at its root is generous, it is part of our DNA. Thus we do not serve half-heartedly, superficial, or as a duty to get something in return. Today we once again visit the concept of forgives as we look at (...)

  • Sermon for 2nd Sunday of Advent – Season of Generosity

    26 février 2015

    Two Sundays ago we were reminded of what it meant to be Christ-like, which meant visiting prisoners, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick (Matt 25). Last Sunday was the first Sunday of advent, introducing us to the time in between the first coming of Christ and waiting for his return (Mark 13). In the Corinthian text we were told that we are rich in knowledge, understanding, and speech as well as being enriched with spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 1:3-9). Putting all of these together we get (...)

  • Serving Generously

    26 février 2015

    God is creator, Lord and Owner of the whole universe, of nations, of history, of events, of individuals. God as JHVH-Jireh is the great Provider. God cares for his children and wants the best for them. God is a generous God who wishes to share gifts with the world. Although there may be some divine way to do that, we rather find that Scripture develops the idea that God does this ministry through his people. Today we look at generosity from the perspective of ministry.
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